FREE Serge Webinar March 23 at 2 p.m. EDT
Caring for People When They Feel Distant from God 

I want to KNOW God. I want to believe He’s there, and that He’s good, and that He’s working a new life in me. But He seems a million miles away. I feel like my prayers go nowhere.

As a mentor in the gospel, you’ve likely heard this — or something similar — many times before. You long for the one you disciple to experience God and His grace in a way that feels palpable and real. But instead, God seems out of range — and the one you mentor feels desperate, hopeless, or numb.

How do you care for someone in this situation? How do you come alongside in a way that helps them discover God’s grace in the fray of life?

Join us at Serge for a FREE interactive webinar, Caring for Those Who Feel Distant from God, on March 23, 2017, at 2 p.m. EST. With a focus on theological content and discipling skills — and drawing on the collective wisdom of Serge mentors who’ve spent thousands of hours discipling others — this webinar will equip you to guide those you mentor toward a more intimate relationship with God.

At Serge, we’re committed to coming alongside you as you come alongside others! We desire to help you make disciples who are so deeply connected with the Father that their lives are renewed in Christ — and point others to God’s grace at the fray.

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Patrick Knaak
As a pastor, Patric’s life, marriage, and ministry were radically changed through Serge’s Mentored Sonship program. It’s now his great joy to be part of making that same teaching and mentoring available to a new generation of Christian leaders. Patric leads the development of Serge Resources and Mentoring—all geared toward renewal among Christian leaders.

















No ministry has given me a greater understanding of the gospel; love for, and dependence on Jesus; and passion for taking the gospel to my neighbors and the nations than Serge.
Scotty Smith – Teacher in Residence, West End Community Church, Nashville, Tenn.











Serge invites people to enter into the brokenness of their need and also the brilliance of how they were crafted—to become who they were meant to be and live out the Kingdom of God on behalf of others.
Dan Allender – counselor, speaker, and founder of The Seattle School for Psychology and Theology.