Donation FAQs

Serge :: Donation FAQs


How and where can I send a donation via the mail?


In order to send a donation via the mail, please click here to download the form and send to Serge Donations Processing Center PO Box 1244 Albert Lea, MN 56007-1244.


How can I change my address, phone number, or password?


Visit “my giving” and login to change your information.


How can I view my giving history?


Visit “my giving” and login to view your history.


I’ve tried to make a donation and keep getting an error message. Why?


The two most common problems our donors come across are: 1) To make a gift, you must be logged in, and 2) If you don’t yet have a login, the form requires an email address and password to make an online donation.


The missionary I support has returned from the field. How long should I continue my contributions?

Missionaries returning from the field may have a continuing support need if their account is in deficit or they are on approved leave of absence. If that is the case, your missionary will let you know, and your continued partnership will be much appreciated. If they do not have a continuing support need, your missionary will let you know as well, and you may discontinue your giving on the date he/she indicates. If you’d like to help Serge recruit and send new missionaries, please consider continuing your support to the Serge Core Ministry Fund. Regardless of your decision, thank you for your generosity and faithfulness.


How do I give a personal gift to my missionary?

Personal gifts are non-tax-deductible gifts, unrelated to the missionary’s ministry. Please download this form to mail in with your personal gift, and clearly note that this is a non-tax-deductible gift on the memo line of your check.

I don’t have a prayer card for my missionary, how do I get one?


To acquire a prayer card, please contact Caitlin Johnson via email,


I don’t see my missionary in the dropdown menu, how do I give to them?


Some of our missionaries serve in fields where great sensitivity is required. If you’d like to give to an unlisted missionary please call 215-885-1811 (248) to make a donation by phone or download this form. If you know your missionary’s designation number you can donate online here: Give to an Unlisted Missionary or Project



Can I contribute stock?


Contact Dwight Coffey via email; or phone 215-885-1811 (241) for details, or follow this link.


How do I make changes to, or stop my EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or RCC (Recurring Credit Card)?


Please call Serge at 215-885-1811 (248) or email donation support at



When will my checking account be drafted if I have a recurring EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)?


Your checking account will be drafted the 5th or the 20th of each month, depending on when you initiate your recurring gift.


When is my credit card charged for a one-time gift?


A one-time gift is charged within a few days of the original activity.


When is my credit card charged for a recurring gift?


RCCs (Recurring Credit Card) donations are charged on or about the 10th of each month.



Where is our annual giving statement located?


Annual giving statements are mailed to all donors once a year at the end of January. If you did not receive your report or need another copy, please contact Dwight Coffey via email at