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Why support the Core Ministry Fund? Because it helps missionaries bring God’s transforming grace to our world. It also propels Serge forward to offer life-changing Resources and Mentoring.

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With your help, this is what we accomplish through support of the Core Ministry Fund


Challenge people to take
risks for the Kingdom

Serge is seeing unprecedented growth in Missionary sending. The Ministry Fund supports our Mobilization Team as they challenge people to consider both long and short-term ministry, go overseas with individuals considering service, and respond to the questions that come as they explore this calling for their life.

Develop Resources and Mentoring to
support Christian ministry worldwide

Serge is committed to serving in a way that includes but also goes beyond supporting our own missionary staff. In fact, our early Resources and Mentoring were developed for our staff and also began to meet a critical need for other Christian leaders. Today, Serge serves thousands of believers in the U.S. and around the world through discipling programs , renewal seminars, and publications like Sonship, Gospel Transformation, and Living in Light.

Enable missionaries to focus on ministry, not administration

When Serge staff processes support checks, sends donor receipts, processes prayer letters, maintains donor contact information, and handles other critical administrative details, our missionaries and teams are able to focus more on ministry.

Meet the most urgent needs

Gifts to the Core Ministry Fund are used where needed most. This allows us to move quickly and effectively to meet ministry needs as they arise.