Short-Term Teams

Join with the work God is doing around the world. Short-term teams come alongside Serge missionaries to assist with and complete ministry projects, from constructing buildings to leading vacation Bible schools. These opportunities are ideal for North American churches looking to partner with Serge missionary teams. For more information on any of these Short-Term Team Opportunities, contact Brad Wallace:



School Construction :: Bundibugyo

February to April 2016
July through third week in August 2016
October through early November 2016

To address the critical need for secondary school education in this under-resourced area of Uganda, in 1999 Serge opened Christ School. The growing population is taxing current facilities. Teams are needed for school facility construction.

Max team size: 9
Approximate Trip cost: $1,650 + airfare/immunizations
Trip length: 2 weeks
Number of teams needed: 5






There are a number of ways and places for your short-term team to serve. Check back often as we continue to update opportunities.


Ministry Facility/Home Renovation :: Ft. Portal :: April 2016 (Exact dates TBD by availability of team)

The home of a Serge missionary, which also serves as a ministry facility, is in need of maintenance and renovation. The missionary who lives in the home is currently the only Serge staff person in Ft. Portal, Uganda. Tackling this project, along with raising her two adopted daughters, and maintaining a busy work schedule is simply too much. We will send a team to work on the house (painting inside and waterproofing outside) and a small building project at the local school.
Max team size: 4
Approximate Trip cost: $1,650 + airfare
Trip length: 11 days
Number of teams needed: 1


Ministry Facility Construction :: Temuco :: between January and April 2016 (spring break possible) or between October and December 2016

In partnership with a local ministry leader, Serge missionaries in Chile started a holistic outreach to the Mapuche Indians—an unreached people group in southern Chile. Early phases of the work have included raising sheep for income generation, both to support the work and provide jobs. The next phase—which will be the work of the short-term team—is to construct a Mapuche-style meeting facility for worship services and other ministry outreach events to the community. Future plans also include use of the facility for cross-cultural training and gospel-renewal instruction for Chilean missionaries.
Max team size: 15
Approximate Trip cost: $1,250 + airfare
Trip Length: 1 or 2 weeks
Numbers of teams needed: 4

Home Construction :: Valparaiso :: between January and April 2016

Pastor Tomás Yeomans, pastor in the National Presbyterian Church of Chile, is a long-time friend and colleague of Serge missionaries in Chile. After serving for a few years as pastor for a hispanic presbyterian church in Virginia, he and his wife returned to Chile to replant a church in Valparaiso that had been abandoned for 10 years. Valparaiso is the third largest city in the country with many universities, making it a strategic location for gospel proclamation. The small, second-floor apartment where they live is in very poor condition and is increasingly difficult for Pastor Yeoman’s wife to access due to spinal osteoporosis. The Serge teams will work to build a first-floor apartment at the church for the Yeomans.
Max team size: 15
Approximate Trip cost: $1,250 + airfare
Trip Length: 1 or 2 weeks
Numbers of teams needed: 1


Various Ministries :: Granada :: throughout the year

Short-term teams can work with Serge and other missionaries in several areas including: children’s ministry, outreach in the barrios, evangelism and Bible study at the city dump, educational programs, recovery programs for addicts and alcoholics, Young Life ministry, sports camps, and building construction at a new school. Teams serving for one or two weeks are needed throughout the year. Specific areas of ministry may be selected.
Max team size: 25
Approximate Trip cost: $300 – $1,300 plus airfare (cost depends on ministry focus with construction being more expensive)
Trip Length: 1 or 2 weeks (Saturday to Saturday)
Number of teams needed: No limit


Spring Break Evangelism Trip :: London :: March 5-12, 2016 (other dates available upon request)

This trip is geared toward college students, but all are welcome. It is similar to LEAP and consists of evangelism training, evangelism, and learning about Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism, including visiting their religious sites.
Max participants: 50
Approximate Trip cost: $750 + airfare (7 nights in London)
Trip length: 1 week

Youth Evangelism Week :: London :: June 25-July 4

This trip is especially suited for a youth group to engage in outreach to young people, along with service opportunities at the church and among widows in the congregation. Teams will primarily work in South Asian communities in London. The time will include evangelism training, friendship evangelism, and street evangelism, as well as learning about Islam, Hinduism, and Sikhism and visiting their religious sites. The week will culminate in a large 200+ person BBQ in the park to connect local people to the church.
Max participants: 20
Approximate Trip Cost: $750 + airfare (7 nights in London)
Trip length: 1 week

Construction/Renovation :: London :: Spring and Summer 2016

After several years of ministry in West London, the Serge team purchased property used for housing church members in need, team meetings, hospitality, and to serve as a music production studio. The house currently needs renovation and improvements.
Max participants: 12
Approximate Trip cost: $1,550 + airfare
Trip length: 1-2 weeks